Words and Images from Ed Felker

Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge theme is reflections. I chose this unique look at the reflection on the bottom of the water’s surface, as a rainbow trout is released back into the gin clear waters of Virginia’s Rose River at Rose River Farm.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge looks for that picture which is unfocused. “It may be completely intentional, or accidental. You might have thought about trashing it, but in the end it definitely conveys something.”

I took this photo the other day at the river behind our house. I like the results I can sometimes get when holding the (waterproof) camera at river level and just pointing and shooting. I can’t see what I’m doing, however, so a lot of those shots don’t come out. It would have been easy to trash this one, but I actually quite like it. My two Wirehaired Vizslas are visible on the far bank, and even though they are seriously out of focus, their image conveys something about them. Finn (left) is intently watching me, waiting to break his ‘stay’ at the slightest request of mine (real or perceived). Winnie, on the other hand, has in fact lost interest in me and is investigating a tree or a shadow or a bug or something.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

The theme of this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is Distorted. This odd photo instantly came to mind. A different twist on the panorama, it was taken with my iPhone on a recent hike. You can see my shadow, and my two dogs are there too. I like how it looks like it’s just us on our own little world. But that’s what a great hike on a nice day with your dogs makes you feel anyway, so maybe this isn’t quite as distorted as it seems at first glance.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

The WordPress Photo Challenge of the week asks bloggers to illustrate with a photograph what it means to ‘indulge.’ Examples of my personal indulgences are legion, but a favorite of mine is taking a break from trout fishing to enjoy a stream-chilled beer. On this occasion, the trout fishing was being done at Rose River Farm in beautiful Madison County, Virginia, and the beer of the day was delicious Dale’s Pale Ale.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

The WordPress Photo Challenge of the week asks bloggers to tell, in a photograph, what ‘Down’ means to us.

I’ve not done one of these challenges before, but thought I’d answer this one, because I spend a lot of time seeking out (or even building) high-up places for almost the singular purpose of looking down once I’m there. I wait for leaves to fall, for birds to land and for dogs to walk around in circles enough times so they can finally, lie, down.