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Emma’s New Shoes

I like it when the farrier comes out to our place. Something about being around iron and anvils and the tools and practices of old that I’m just drawn to. I don’t actually have to help or anything, since most of the barn duties can be found enumerated beneath “Laundry” and “Having conversations with banks or insurance companies” on the list of things that will simply go a lot more smoothly if I don’t get involved. So I am usually standing around yapping, watching the fire and the sparks and the hammering for some time before I think to myself, “Hey. This would be a neat activity to photograph, wouldn’t it?” By the time it occurred to me today, the fire and the sparks were gone, but I still got a few shots in. I never do sepia tone, but it seemed right for this subject matter. I hope you enjoy the images, and a special thanks to Steve and Rob for letting me poke a lens into their business.